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You wrote a draft.
What now?

I'll help you find your way.
An aarow on a lonely road points both directions. Want to know what to do after your first draft?
You're ready for editing if . . .

Your draft is finished or almost finished, and you'd like a comprehensive analysis of what's working, what needs work, and actionable next steps.

You're ready to query, and you'd like to make sure your first fifty pages will hook readers and grab the attention of busy agents and publishers.

You're looking for perspective, a knowledgeable second set of eyes, and an action plan that leaves you enthusiastic about revision.

Your indie book isn't selling how you'd like, and you want to discover, analyze, and plan a course of action to rewrite your manuscript and relaunch your book.

Your friends and family love your draft, and your writing group piles on the compliments, but you're getting rejections from agents and publishers.

You've covered all the big-picture issues and are ready to polish your manuscript at the sentence level with a professional line edit.

Choose your path

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Full Manuscript Evaluation

A manuscript evaluation is a deep dive into the big-picture elements of your draft.

You'll get:

  • Detailed feedback on what's working, what needs work, and what next steps to take.

  • A detailed 7-10 page editorial letter that breaks down the feedback and discusses elements like structure, readability, narration, dialogue, interiority, emotionality, and more.

  • Inline comments and reactions throughout your manuscript.

  • A 1-hour video call to go over the MS Eval.

Price: $1400 up to 80k words
(add $150 per 10k words)



The "Nifty Fifty" Evaluation

Ensure swamped agents and publishers can't resist reading your manuscript by checking the readability of the first 50 pages.

You'll get:

  • Detailed feedback on what's working, what needs work, and what next steps to take.

  • A brief editorial letter discussing feedback and story elements, especially opening hooks and forward momentum.

  • Inline comments and reactions.

  • Light line edit.

  • A 1-hour video call to go over the MS Eval.

Price: $500


Full Manuscript Professional Line Edit

A sentence-level edit of your manuscript will help your book look clean, professional, and ready for publication. 

You'll get:

  • A sentence-level edit that polishes your prose while maintaining your unique voice and style.

  • Edit includes revising elements of style, voice, narration, grammar, syntax, wordiness, and more.

  • Basic copy edit included.

  • Inline comments and feedback.

  • A brief editorial letter discussing what's working and areas for improvement.

Price: $1500 up to 80k words
(add $175 per 10k words)


Ready to get started?

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Hands form a heart to convey love for author's testimonial
“Amy is easily the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She has edited countless essays of mine and every time, she manages to dig the best writing out of my head so I can get it onto the paper. Amy has amazing attention to detail and in-depth comments for strengthening and shining, and I can tell she truly cares about writing and editing. I would recommend her to any writer out there, no matter the genre.”

Danielle Dayney, author of When Love Sticks Around

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A man and his dog explore the wilderness and a Mary Oliver quote says, pay attention, be astonished. Great advice for writing a book!
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