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Write the book people want
to read.

Feeling stuck?

My name is Amy, and I help fiction and memoir writers identify their best ideas and finish their book.

Unsure how to get started on your cool novel or awesome memoir idea? 

Looking for support, accountability, and direction as you slog through your first draft?

Ready to revise your draft and wondering what works, what needs work, and what issues to tackle first?

You sound like just the kind of committed, passionate writer I love working with!
Neon lights shout, what's your story?Image by Etienne Girardet

Where are you at with your book?

And how can I help?

Vintage Typewriter beneath editing and coaching services for Amy Bee



  • I need help developing my idea so I can write forward with confidence.

  • I need accountability, support, structure, and motivation to finish my draft.

  • I need to talk my story out with someone as enthusiastic as I am.



  • I finished my first draft and I'm totally psyched! What do I do now?

  • I need help identifying what's working, what needs work, and a plan of action before I revise.

  • I need help polishing my sentences so I can proudly send my story out into the world.

What authors are saying about Amy Bee:

Coffee and Books go well with coaches and editors
"When I was working on my book, I was completely lost. I had so many ideas and big picture concepts but it wasn't coming out how I wanted it to. Amy helped me figure out what I was really trying to say and pushed me to dig deep. My publishers loved the draft I turned in."

Aaron Carnes, author of In Defense of Ska

Hey, I'm Amy Bee
Amy Bee is a professional independent book coach, editor, and writer

You have a story to tell.

Let me help you tell it.

I'm a line and developmental editor who works with a variety of fiction authors and memoirists to get the best version of their story out of their heads and onto the page. I write flash and short-form memoir when I'm not working with other writers and a few have won awards. Book coaching has been a natural evolution from the hours and hours and HOURS I've spent enthusiastically pushing, supporting, and brainstorming with writers, loving their big-picture ideas and creative, unique voices as much as I love my own. When I'm not editing or writing, I'm reading promiscuously or discovering new hiking trails with my favorite dude and our hilarious dog.

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